XLS-801 Replacement Filter for Hayward Star Clear Plus C751, C7512. Also replaces Hayward CX760RE, Unicel C-8411, Filbur FC-1256, Pleatco PA-76


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Excel tirelessly works to advance the science of water filtration. As a result, we’ve designed pool & spa filter cartridges that are more efficient, longer lasting and ultimately provide cleaner, clearer water.

Engineered to Clean
We use only premium-grade, ultra-efficient media along with Black Diamond end caps and a sturdy structural core. Our use of premium materials coupled with efficient flow dynamics provides our customers a longer useful filter life, high effectiveness and low energy use.

Excel Filters are made in the USA and include a 6-month warranty and 12-month service life.

About This Product

# of Cartridges Included
Diameter 8 15/16"
Length 17 3/8"
Top End Cap 4" ID w/ Molded Gasket
Bottom End Cap 4" ID w/ Molded Gasket
Pleatco PA76
Filbur FC-1255
Unicel C-8411

After you upgrade to Excel Filters we recommend cleaning your new filter cartridges after an initial pass. Because Excel Filters are so effective they'll remove debris left behind by your previous cartridges

Excel Filters are easy to clean. We recommend filter rotation – while cleaning your filter cartridges, swap them with clean, dry spares. This keeps the water filtration cycle going and no wait to use your pool or spa with the added benefit of your filter cartridges lasting longer.

Click here for step-by-step cleaning instructions ▸

We love hearing from pool enthusiasts and professionals who frequently tell us our filter cartridges are the best they've owned. We hope we've earned your sparkling review.

This product contains chemical Acrylonitrile that is linked to California State Prop 65. Please visit this website for more information.