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Buy Direct. Built in the USA. Best in Class Pool & Spa Replacement Filter Cartridges

You don't need much money to have the cleanest water, just the intelligence to invest in an Excel Filter.

How We Build the Best

Black Diamond™
Filter End Cap

  • Distinct black to easily recognize a quality Excel Filters replacement cartridge
  • Extreme strength and durability
  • Antibacterial for safety
Excel Filters Black Diamond™ End Caps are stronger and more easily distinguished from other brands.

Ultra-Efficient Filter Media

  • Cleaner Water = Healthier Life
    Choosing the best filtration media makes all the difference in your water quality
  • Optimal Flow Dynamics to reduce energy consumption
  • Professional Grade for efficiency, effectiveness and ease of cleaning during repeated use
Excel Filters Cleanguard™ Core Media provides the purest water and easy cleaning

Open Flow™
Ultra-Efficient Engineered Core

  • Optimal Flow Dynamics to reduce energy consumption and improve debris removal
  • Extreme Strength to prevent collapse during repeated use
  • Antibacterial for safety
Excel Filters Open Flow™ Core provides the sturdiest, long-lasting filter with maximum performance.

Filter Banding

  • Snug & Secure to keep pleats open for the most effective filtration
  • Extreme Strength to prevent collapse during repeated use
  • Antibacterial for safety

Why Buy Direct?

Excel Filters Replacement Filter Cartridges are the best quality at the lowest price

By selling directly to you Excel cuts out all the unnecessary costs. You get the highest quality replacement pool or spa filter at the best price.

Excel Filters Replacement Filter Cartridges are 100% manufactured in the USA

We manufacture all the filter cartridges we sell right here in the USA. Everything you buy comes directly from us.

Excel Filters wants to help you find the perfect replacement filter cartridges for your pool and spa

We stand behind all of our products. We're happy to help you find the right filter. Just call us or email us.😉

The Excel Filters Difference

Quality materials

Thoughtful engineering

USA manufacturing

Long useful life

Low lifetime operating costs

Optimal efficiency & effectiveness

Time for an Upgrade? Excel is the Better Way to Buy

Save on Your First Order

Thanks for choosing Excel Filters . You've made a smart choice — no more frustrating trips to the store or overpaying for foreign-made replacement filter cartridges.

Get your filters quickly, easily and at the best price from your phone, tablet or PC. And to reward your shopping savvy we'd like to give you 5% off your first purchase simply for registering your email address!

Excel Filters offers volume discounts on all replacement filter cartridge purchases
Buy a Spare & Save!
*Applies to purchase of same item
2 filters 5% off
be smart, buy a spare
3+ filters 10% off
the most smartest 🤓
Pallets or Truckloads contact us
Pool Professional & Wholesale

We offer special discounts for Pool Professionals and Brick & Mortar Retailers on top of our everyday low prices, dedicated account management as well as free and convenient shipping options.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your clients are getting the cleanest water from the best quality replacement pool & spa replacement filters designed and built right here in the USA.

Please Note: All items must be shipped same time to same address. Discounts not applied to shipping and any returns are refunded at the discounted price. Each 4-pack, 3-pack and Retrofit Kit is considered a single item.