Filter Cartridge

Care and Maintenance

Excel Filters are built to last. Our black diamond end caps, open flow engineered cores and python filter banding are all designed for extreme strength and durability with repeated use.

With proper maintenance, our filter cartridges can last even longer! We recommend routinely cleaning your filter cartridges every 3-6 months or when your filter housing pressure gauge increases 8-10 PSI above the clean filter’s starting pressure.

Here are step-by-step instructions for cleaning your pool filter cartridges:

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    Relax, and enjoy your sparkling clean pool!

Some Helpful Tips:

  • If the cartridge is very dirty you may want to soak it overnight in filter cleaner. Cleaner can be purchased at your local pool supply store. Soak in a large plastic bucket or trashcan.
  • Never use a power washer to clean your cartridge(s). This will cause significant damage. A garden hose is sufficient.