Replacement Filter Cartridges for
Excel Filters Retrofit Kit & Replacement Cartridges for the Sta-Rite® System 3™

Sta-Rite® System 3 Retrofit Kits are now available for purchase!!

The benefits include:
• Smaller compact cartridges replace the heavy System 3® filters, but have the same square footage as the original.
• No extra tools or winches needed to lift the filters for cleaning.
• Takes seconds to install.
• Great value - saves time and money on the replacement filters.
• Excel Filters last equally as long as the original.
• Improved filter performance leads to clearer pool water with no bypass issues.

The System 3® Retrofit Kit:
• ONE manifold.
• TWO seconds to install or remove manifold for cleaning.
• THREE or FOUR easy-to-use cartridges providing the same square footage of media as the original OEM filter cartridges and better performance.

Sta-Rite® and System 3® are trademarks of Sta-Rite and not affiliated in any way with Eden Equipment Company, Inc.  The Retrofit Kit was designed independent of Sta-Rite® by Eden Equipment Company and in no way reflects an endorsement or approval of the Retrofit Kit by Sta-Rite® for System 3 filter vessels.