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3PACK Replacement Filter Cartridges - Excel Filters Retrofit Kit for the Sta-Rite® System 3™ 300 Sq. Ft.

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Best in Class Replacement Filter Cartridges for:

Retrofit Kit for the Sta-Rite™ System 3™
300 Sq. Ft. - Set of 3 Pleated Filter Cartridges

Top ID: Closed

Bottom ID: Male Slip
Excel Filters Part Number Ð XLS-7047

The Excel Filters Retrofit Kit for Sta-Rite® System 3® filter vessels comprises:

  • One manifold
  • Two seconds to install or remove manifold for cleaning
  • Three easy-to-use cartridges providing the same square footage of filtration as the original OEM filter cartridges and better performance


  • 3 compact cartridges replace the heavy System 3® but have the same square footage as the original
  • No extra tools or winches needed to lift the filters for cleaning
  • Takes seconds to install
  • Great value — saves time and money on the replacement filters
  • Excel Filters last at least as long as the original
  • Improved filter performance leads to clearer pool water with no bypass issues
  • Excel Filters are easy to find and re-order at much less cost than the original

Performance Note

Structurally, most filter cartridges can last for 5-8 years before any of the materials break down. However, the useful life of any cartridge is often far shorter than its physical life. The useful life is the proper metric by which to compare the value of a filter cartridge.

No matter how often you clean your filter or how often you use your pool, any filter cartridge will eventually become clogged with body oils, sunscreens and other debris. After the useful life of a cartridge ends, there is little, if any, filtration actually taking place. Dirty water is simply finding a way around the clogged cartridge and back into your pool. This is called bypass – and it is not good.

The Excel Filters Retro-fit kit is comprised of a manifold along with properly sized cartridges that prevent bypass and maintain a long useful life - and a much cleaner pool. We recommend changing your filters cartridges annually for optimal filtration and lower energy costs.


Sta-Rite® and System 3® are trademarks of Sta-Rite and not affiliated in any way with Eden Equipment Company, Inc. The Retrofit Kit was designed independently of Sta-Rite® by Eden Equipment Company and in no way reflects an endorsement or approval of the Retrofit Kit by Sta-Rite® for System 3 filter vessels.


We are frequently told by people who clean pools and spas (professionally and DIY) that Excel Filters are among the most well-made and durable filter cartridges, as well as an excellent value.

Due to the effectiveness of an Excel Filter, customers may find that by upgrading to an Excel Filter from competing brands that they will need to clean their Excel Filter after an initial pass as an Excel Filter takes out the debris others leave behind.

Unlike many non-USA manufacturers, Excel Filters’ products contain the highest quality materials and construction and we provide exceptional production conditions for our employees.

Unlike almost all other pool & spa filter cartridges, Excel Filters are:

  • 100% manufactured in the USA with an industry-leading design to provide optimal performance and value. Excel Filters does not outsource or import our Pool and Spa Filter Products. We design, engineer and manufacture exclusively in the USA to maintain the highest quality and shortest lead times.
  • Excel Filters uses only premium grade proprietary media, antibacterial high grade resin and an antibacterial engineered structural core for the highest quality products. Our use of only the optimal materials combined with efficient flow dynamics provide customers with a long useful life, high effectiveness and low energy use.
  • Easiest to clean – our proprietary media does not unravel, fray or bloom and helps prevent debris from embedding in the filter, which can shorten useful life and lower the quality of water in your pool or spa.
  • Safer than other filter cartridges – with the industry’s only antimicrobial end caps AND core to minimize algae and other bacterial growths in your filter’s clean zone and on the cartridge itself.