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For over 35 years, Eden Equipment Company, Inc. has designed, engineered and manufactured precision filtration products in the USA for use around the world for companies of all sizes and for customers who demand excellent long term performance and filtration efficiency.

Eden’s premium cartridge product line, EXCEL FILTERS, produces high quality, long-life filter cartridges for pools, spas and many industrial applications – especially where temperature and chemistry are particularly caustic or corrosive.

Since expanding EXCEL FILTERS to address the pool & spa market, we have proven an innovation leader with features that have been widely adopted in the industry. We are able to provide over 400 replacement filter cartridges for the pool & spa market and ship quickly from large facilities in both Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX.

All EXCEL FILTERS’ pool & spa filter cartridges are 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA and available to you directly from us – no multi-level distribution, no slick marketing/gimmicks and no skimping on quality materials or construction. And no other ecommerce seller of pool & spa cartridges can credibly make this claim!


Excel Filters does not outsource or import our Pool and Spa Filter Products. We design, engineer and manufacture exclusively in the USA to maintain the highest quality and shortest lead times.


Excel Filters uses only premium grade proprietary media, antibacterial high grade resin and an antibacterial engineered structural core for the highest quality products. Our use of only the optimal materials combined with efficient flow dynamics provide customers with a long useful life, high effectiveness and low energy use.


Excel Filters leads the industry in innovation and rapid response to customer feedback. Other examples of innovation include System 3 Retrofit Kit, pleated CleanStart Filter and Oval Jacuzzi® Tri-Clops Filters.


Since Excel Filters manufactures all Pool & Spa Filter Products in USA, we can provide truckload quantities in a timely and quality manner and also have the ability to stock, customize and private label upon request.